Monasterio de Piedra / Laguna Gallocanta (part 2)

It was a very nice three days trip to remote places in Aragon. Two places which are showing great nature and are reachable in a few hours riding from home.

First of them was natural park of Monsaterio de Piedra , with beautiful waterfalls, raptor birds flying show and great walks.

Second place was Laguna Gallocanta. Natural reserve with spectacular bird watch. Place where lots of cranes from northern Europe travel across Europe to Spain to finally rich their winter home for a few months. Breath-taking view of flying cranes over your head is worth to stay there without moving for few hours. As cranes have very big security distance between humans and them you have to be very quiet, camouflage and be armed with binoculars and have very good zoom lens to take close photos. Not easy indeed! Nothing to say more than that I hope to come back there in the near future. The best place to stay with a friendly staff and the owner which is willing to tell you very interesting things about cranes is alberque Allucant Gallocanta. Don’t miss it !

Ps. Try to keep low profile and don’t disturb too much this very special place !

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