Follow me and let’s go

Hi my friends

I just signed up to SPOT. Getting ready for my trip to japan and I hope you will travel virtually with me. SPOT devices use satellite technology to allow people to share communicate and share GPS coordinates from virtually anywhere in the world. I hope to turn it on every day to track my journey and so you can see my current and past locations. As i won’t have cell coverage everyday during the trip the spot is handy because it is working via satellite ( wish for clear skies ). It works by conectting it via bluetooth to my iPhone. This way i can activate and send short meesages to mobile phones and of course Facebook. The most important thing, however, is that it has SOS button in case of a real emergency. In this case which i guess will never happen, the emergency services suppose to find you. Click on the photo in widget on my homepage ( My location / Find me ) or on the LINK to locate my latest position.  I won’t be using it till April but i will do some tests before hand. Big hug to you all !!!


4 Comments on “Follow me and let’s go

  1. This is Great Mario, we can chart your progress and those ahead of you can plan your arrival at different places along the way. I will be checking in with you regularly.

  2. Hi mario
    Nice to follow your adventure. But you kwow that the police of Tongeren will find you everywhere my friend – i think i will find you tomorrow in Diepenbeek

  3. Muchas suerte AMIGO MIO!!! Te voy a seguir como si fuera tu compañero de viaje.

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