Mario Komsta

I decided to start this blog for two reasons:

  • My old website’s (bonsaiwabisabi.com) domain name costs too much to get back! (Note to self: don’t let your domain expire)
  • I wanted a new way of sharing my travel adventures and passion for bonsai


I was born in Blachownia, (Bla-Hov-Nia) Poland, where I spent my childhood growing up surrounded by a lot of nature and the town’s lake. Some of my hobbies as a teenager included; rock climbing, fishing, hiking, mountain biking and gardening. Later on, I developed an interest in bonsai, which took me to Japan. I studied bonsai in Shizuoka for five years under my teacher, Mr. Nobuichi Urushibata. After that amazing experience, I came to Spain to continue working with bonsai and this is where I am now. My daily work is mainly at the bonsai museum in Alcobendas owned by Luis Vallejo. Throughout my life, travelling has always interested and inspired me. This blog will mainly be about my past and present travel experiences and of course bonsai.

Join me for the ride 😉

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