Pinus sylvestris ‘ Little brother ‘ orginally from mountains in Madrid, collected in 1987 and styled in 1994 by Luis Vallejo. Permanently exhibited and maintained in the bonsai museum in Alcobendas. Logo of the LuisVallejoEstudioBonsai.

LVEB ( Luis Vallejo Estudio de Bonsai ) and the MBA ( Museo del Bonsai Alcobendas ) When I finished studying bonsai in Japan, I had to find a place and job to continue my passion and profession. I never wanted to do bonsai business and live from selling bonsai, pots, tools and etc. My dream was to work on bonsai, maintain trees and teach bonsai abroad. Not easy indeed. In 2008 I… Read More

An example of trees I have worked on … before and after

A few months ago I had the pleasure, along with the best head of service and my friend  Joaquin Martos  to set a fusion exposition of bonsai at BMW Madrid – Las Tablas. It was a very nice idea to combine perfection and beauty of bonsai with perfection and beauty of motorbikes and cars. The final result gave a lot of satisfaction and surprised the guests – the delegation of importers of the Asian BMW market. This special event took place in… Read More

Thank you sensei Yoda for a great day in ‘Japan’